Rapping Hand

The Rapping Hand by UYD

Sitting in a box on a pair of cogs, just waiting to communicate, to tap and rap it’s messages to you.

Mainly used for seance magic and bizarre gatherings, this is sure to find it’s way into many routines. 

Have the hand tap/rap yes or no. 
Have it count to a number, have it pick out an item from a line up.

The rapping hand is believed to have belonged to the daughter of one of the Black Watch regiment's infantrymen, she died of consumption while he was fighting overseas in The Great War and his wife sent him the only thing she could at the time, his daughter's doll. 

This is all that remains of it.........Does it have some sort of connection with her on the other side????? Who Knows!!

The hand will answer questions with a series of raps ( not in the style of 2 pac) but in a series of knocks, one for yes, two for no, or count.

This is all under your complete control at all times. The lid can be closed or open. 

It is PK controlled and fully examinable. Though you may want to limit who touches it due to nature of the curse that is believed to reside within the hand and the box.

Wrapped in Black Watch tartan at one end and bound with old rusty wire, it rests on two small cogs inside the box. It can be taken off the cogs and shown around. 

Works inside the box as a rapping hand.
Works with the lid open or closed.
Examinable before,during and after.
Nothing to find...Box is not gimmicked.
Take the Rapping hand outside the box it will spin and move 
(see video)

Less is more in our opinion but use it as you will.

The Hand is PK’ed.
Each is aged and stained by hand. 
No two are ever the same.

The hands are fitted with N52 Pk magnets and very reactive to all PK gimmicks.

Each hand comes complete in a hand stained and waxed wooden box.
This box can be aged and battered on request if you wish.
The wooden box is 6 inches x 3 inches the hand is approx 4 inches long.

The Pk’ed Rapping Hand from UYD comes in two styles.

If you own a PK gimmick then you will only need to purchase the rapping hand kit A.

This kit contains the following
Wooden Box complete with cogs and the Rapping Hand. Simple instructions for operating it.

If you require a PK gimmick then you will need to purchase the rapping hand
Kit B.

This kit contains the same as Kit A but with a powerful PK magnet and strapping for securing the gimmick to yourself.

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If you have any questions at all please mail us before buying.
Each of the hands is made to order and depending on stock levels delivery times will vary from 5 - 21 days.
If you require a box to battered and aged this will take time.
All mail is tracked and tracking is sent  when the parcel is live on the system.
Instructions supplied are simple and direct. We assume that you will want to use this as a seance item and have your own storyline. We do have some storylines that we supply and these are discussed on the Closed Group The Bizarre Apothecary on Facebook.
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UYD RApping Hand