Spirit Lamp
Spirit Lamp
The Spirit Lamp! 
A bizarre magical device for communicating with the dead!
This device will answer all your questions from the world beyond our own.
Simple to use and devastating to see in use!
Before we tell you the story behind the Spirit Lamp, a few facts are needed for the more skeptical among us.
Can the Spirit Lamp be examined?
Yes the Spirit Lamp can be examined the battery disconnected, the bulb removed,the actual board can be examined completely and there no chance of anything being seen ,because the Spirit Lamp is completely examinable.

Do you need to touch the Spirit Lamp in order to operate it?
No you need not touch the Spirit Lamp at all.

Can you place the spirit lamp in someones hands and operate it?
Yes you can.

Does the spirit lamp use a transmitter in order to work?
No it does not.

Can I perform a seance using this Spirit Lamp?
Oh yes of course, we would be disapointed if you did not!

I perform bizarre magic, is this suitable for these settings?
Yes, it will soon become a staple in your performance.

Do I have the performance rights to use the story?
Yes, for private performances you do, for any commercial performances, permission is required, this is simple to aqquire simply email us for details.

Is this suitable for a nervous audience ?
No not at all, performed in the right situation this is a killer trick. You can easily perform a full show around this piece alone.

What follows is the story and history behind the Spirit Lamp
A short history of the Spirit Lamp and it's beginnings!

In the year 1867 a medium from the small hamlet of Quatt, Shropshire travelled to the City of Birmingham with the plans for his spirit lamp, after being run out of the village for dabbling in the arts that are less known to the masses, and even less understood by many more. Upon his arrival in Birmingham he took up lodgings near the cemetery at Key Hill, this cemetery was and still is well known for the mysterious goings on at the now demolished Greek Doric chapel that was once stood proudly in the centre of it’s grounds. He decided upon lodging in this area as the cemetery was one of the first and largest burial grounds that was not in a church ground so he thought that his experiments would go largely unnoticed by the few if any passers by in the night and if anyone did see him they would assume he was one of the night watchmen. He took his plans to one of the many workshops in Jewellery Quarter that back onto the cemetery and found someone willing to make his spirit lamp, upon completion of the lamp, he took the spirit lamp back to lodgings and waited for nightfall to come. A little after 10pm, he crept out and made his way to the cemetery. The chapel looked even more uninviting in the dark, but these thoughts were placed to the back of his mind as there were far more important matters to contend with.
Once at the chapel the spirit lamp was taken out and placed onto the ground, he connected the cell and the bulb and tested the switch, Yes! It worked, he turned it off and then began to call upon any spirits present to make themselves known.
After a minute or two, he asked again, “Spirits, come forth I mean thee no harm, I come with love and light.” With these words the bulb began to flicker, even though the switch was off and no hand touched the Spirit Lamp at all.The air grew colder and the medium shuddered, part fear, part delight, for he knew not what was about to happen!
The medium asked a simple question, are you there?
The spirit lamp bulb flashed once…Indicating, Yes!
As the night grew ever darker the spirit lamp continued to answer the mediums questions, flashing once for yes and twice for no, with three flashes for maybe.
 The night turned into day and the medium grew weary from his nights encounters with the spirits, he cleansed the spirit lamp, and he made his way home to his lodgings.
He continued to use the board in several places, Warstone Lane cemetery, St Paul’s Church where the ghost of a police officer is said to wander the square looking out for lost souls from one of the many public houses in the area. From his records of his encounters with the spirits, he spent four years contacting the dead in various places around the area but he always returned to the Key Hill Cemetery area as this produced most of his spiritual communication. This may have been his downfall as and we only have the accounts of witnesses at the time, but he was found wandering around the cemetery carrying his spirit lamp, screaming and clawing manically at the empty catacombs that once had housed the earthly remains of the long departed, these remains had long being removed as the bodies had been placed in lead lined coffins and sealed, this proved fool hardly as there were no escape paths for the various gases that one produces after death and this lead to spectacular eruptions of mesmeric proportions of putrid body parts and the noxious liquids that they carried with them that oozed from the catacombs. The remains of these poor unfortunates were buried elsewhere maybe in the cemetery, maybe not….but one thing is quite sure from the now crazed ramblings of the medium, that is the spirits of the departed certainly did not like their earthly remains being moved. The medium was committed to Winson Green Asylum later to be called Birmingham City Asylum he stayed there mainly in isolation from what we could gather from the very patchy records that we did manage to track down until he died of natural causes in 1906. There was no post mortem and the records for this period circa 1906 are now closed with a “Do not serve or search order” on them? We applied to see them and were told they no longer exist?
 Where this poor medium was buried remains a mystery to this day, though we think it was probably one of the many paupers burial grounds around the Asylum.
One thing is for sure whatever sent the medium into a state of crazed mental instability is certainly still around today, though the catacombs in the cemetery are now bricked up and sealed a few remain open. Maybe to allow the spirits to come and go as they please. As upon visiting the cemetery one feels a certain sense of overpowering oppression and overwhelming sorrow.
Here our story ends only to say what remained and what you now hold in your hands is a spirit lamp build to the schematics found in the mediums possessions that were bought from general public auction when the asylum finally closed in the year 2000.
We think it was a most fortunate find at such a macabre auction, but we will let you decide this for yourselves.....
It has taken a long time to find someone with the skill to build the Spirit Lamp and someone even braver to test it out.
I can confirm that we have tested this seemingly innocent Spirit Lamp and the results have been close to unbelievable.
Treat the Spirit lamp with respect and I’m sure the results you see and maybe feel will be amazing.
It is only left to say go forth into the unknown and be safe.
How the board works (A performance view)
It is only fair to say that while the story of the Spirit lamp is all well and good it needs to be explained how the Spirit Lamp works. As you can see there is a label albeit it faded and dusty that explains that the bulb will flash once for a YES, Twice for NO and Three times for MAYBE. Of course you can make this spirit lamp flash as often or as little as you like once you know the secret behind the workings of this box. 
So how does it work, well as popular spiritualism states all spirits bring about a change in energy to the surrounding area they are in, this energy can be channeled and electrical devices if sensitive enough can pick up on these changes and if the devices are built to certain specifications they will allow the spirits to channel their energy into this world through these devices. 
The Spirit Lamp is one such device and while quite crude in its workings, it works well and allows the departed spirit to speak to us via a series of flashes of a bulb. 
Indeed one can ask the spirit to speak via the bulb by say selecting an object from a pile on a table or a book for example by flashing a certain number of times, say you want to test a spirits knowledge of a subject you could ask them to flash the bulb 5 times in quick succession or indeed twice slowly. The choice is yours, just make sure you treat the spirit with the same respect you would expect to be treated with yourself.
You will receive the following.
One handmade spirit lamp to the very specification of the original.
The necessary something that will make the spirit lamp work under all séance conditions.
 Full instructions along with the story and background to the spirit lamp,that will further cement into the minds of the spectators that this device is real.
 All the history included in the story are based on real places and can be researched further if you so wish, the character in our case the medium is complete fiction.
The spirit lamp is sold for entertainment purposes only.
The spirit lamp is covered by a full lifetime warranty which covers all electronics apart from the bulbs and batteries.
One word of warning do not drop or throw the spirit lamp, or immerse it in a bucket of water, this may stop the spirit lamp from working.
Disclaimer:- This Spirit Lamp, the contents and all instructions are for entertainment purposes only, any other worldly powers you may appear to have will be of your own doing. We are not responsible in anyway, shape or form any misdoings you may or may not have when using this Spirit Lamp.
We can certify that this board has been handmade and gimmicked with our electronics and will only work in the ways stated above. 
Enjoy the magic and please remember it is a magic trick!
All this post free!!!!
Come on what are you waiting for.

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